Monday, February 13, 2006

Solutions to the Prophet cartoons controversy

What would be the solution to the Prophet Cartoon row? Difficult to say. Javier Solana is in the Middle East. I dont thing he would have gone there with any single solution. It probably would be a few series of things that have to happen.

Possible scenarios:

The controversy may die its own natural death. A slim chance of this is there.

Middle-eastern countries say we have had enough of protests. Very much unlikely, though behind the scenes they may try to discourage it. Besides it is a much wider movement

European newspapers get together and say we wont do it again [I was dreaming :-)]

EU adopts some measure (non binding as being circulated) making it unwelcome to ridicule religions. Reasonably likely

UN says it will pass a resolution making ridiculing of religions unwelcome. Reasonably likely - possibly in tandem with EU

Europe and OIC announce joint conference/effort to address this issue in future. Very likely.


Blogger fzian said...

Anonymous random reader here.

Probably one of the solution you missed out is the possible yet improbable scenario where the Islamist radicals start taking caricatures with just that extra pinch -- or handful -- of humour....

6:48 AM  

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